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One of the most unique ways you can help employ special needs Americans in your community while promoting your own business or event.

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Custom labeled bottled water is a unique and effective way to help promote your business and personalize your events. dj’s American Special Angel’s Program has bottled, hand-labeled, packaged, and delivered private-sourced Pure Mountain Spring Water to hundreds of businesses and events throughout the country.

When you purchase high quality custom labeled water bottles from djASAP, you will not only leave an impact on your clients and guests, but on your community as well. djASAP has helped employ thousands of individuals who struggle with developmental or physical disabilities. Our one of a kind teams of Special Angels are coached to perform every facet of our process; from hand-applying labels, quality control, inventory management, shipping, and everything in between. With every bottle you purchase, you help to support and enrich the lives of these very special members of your community.

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Every bottle you purchase contains crisp, pure mountain spring water drawn from our private spring located 5000’ above sea level in San Diego, CA. Our water is inspected for quality and purity bi-weekly and rated in the top 2% of all water sources in the U.S. We draw our water from the spring for bottling twice a week to ensure that you are always getting the freshest possible bottled water. You’d be hard-pressed to find fresher, better tasting water anywhere!

Our recyclable bottles and high-gloss labels are 100% engineered and manufactured within the USA. Your custom design will be printed on high-quality plastisol based labels that are moisture resistant and won’t peel off due to condensation or when placed in a refrigerator or ice chest.

Our team of designers will work with you to create the perfect label for your business or event. Once you are perfectly happy with your custom label our team of Special Angels will process and ship the order out to you, where your clients and guests can enjoy a refreshing drink while learning you support an amazing cause!

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Below are the general steps for processing your order with djASAP. Our experienced staff will work with you on all the required details to ensure quality and timely work on your order.


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Thank you for supporting the America’s Special Angels Program!

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America's Special Angels Program

"Our Special Angels that I work with are some of the hardest working, most genuinely appreciative people I’ll ever meet. I feel tremendously blessed to be given the opportunity to lead such an amazing community driven project." - David Johnson

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Over 28 years ago David Johnson, with a vision from childhood, started a company that would provide savvy business owners with a unique way to promote their products/services, while at the same time serving a cause very dear to him, supporting Americans with disabilities.

As a child, DJ lost his only sister and elder brother to developmental health issues. It was at a young age that he decided he wanted to make a difference in the quality of life for the special need. His vision came to life 28 years ago, and continues to spark inspiration among hundreds of businesses to raise their voices and support their communities in djASAP’s way.

Since founding the program in 1989, DJ has helped to employ thousands of special needs Americans paying out millions of dollars to help employ these extraordinary, and all-too-often overlooked individuals. djASAP provides the Special Angels in your community with a joyful and engaging work atmosphere, skills training, and confidence building workshops that develop a sense of self-reliance. They perform over 90% of djASAP’s workload including hand applying labels, web-site design & maintenance, shipping, inventory control, accounting… Maintaining a solid environment for our wonderful team has always been top priority. For 28 years djASAP has remained independent, and DJ has never, and never plans to seek financial assistance from any Federal, State, County, or City government agency, nor any private sector as well.